Adoption of mandates as member of supervisory boards (Boards of Directors, Boards of Foundations and the like)

Membership in Steering Committees of large-scale projects to complement skills and experience


Thematic focus:

  • Strategic Management and Business Models
  • Goal Setting and Planning
  • Management Structures, Organization and Processes
  • M&A, Post Merger Integration
  • Management of Change and Transformation
  • Cross-funtional and Complex Initiatives and Projects
  • Organizational Development
  • Conflict management and mediation

Design and management of the processes needed for the development and implementation of the specific projects

Integration of the expert and the process management approach as sucess factor and USP


Long-term, binding assumption of the function of corporate development, strategic planning, strategies & projects or the like in accordance with an agreed service package and volume

Function: Member of supervisory boards and committees with responsibilities and competencies

Function: Project management and process support, expertise and solution development, facilitation, 2nd opinion

Function: Staff functions for the management of medium-sized companies, depending on agreement